specks steven
Former Pokemon Champion.
New Team Rocket Scientist.
Fossil Maniac.
[Part of Rocket HQ]
Have you made any nice antiquates since your arrival in Team Rocket? Or perhaps enemies?


"Antiquates?" He replied, a little thrown by the word choice. "Well, I’ve finally begun my first project, if that’s what you were implying."

"It focuses on the effectiveness of Evolutionary Stones: What genetic trait or quality is it to a specific Pokemon species that allows them to evolve upon contact to an Evolutionary Stone. Is it purely genetic, and if so, can breedable Pokemon inherit such a quality? Although I can’t say that I’ve dug up any leads yet, the research seems promising!"

"As for enemies, no. I can’t imagine so. I don’t think I’ve done anything to anyone - I’ve hardly interacted with anyone to begin with!"

What's your opinion on that Drew kid?


"I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know who that is."

But the mun would like to get to RP with them sometime!

Catch A Stranger | Steven & Damien


Systematic criminals. A house full of laws for the lawbreakers. Slowly but surely devouring the world without anyone noticing a change. Missing children hidden within the walls of a secret headquarters. Powerful men and women, charging, waiting, playing it cool. What was this the purpose of this place? Damien realized he was lost as soon as he stepped inside the game. He knew no one, and no one knew him. He was free from society, but bound by the laws of criminality. What were they, exactly? How was he supposed to know?

He found himself inhabiting what could have been an old storage. No windows, barely enough space for the bed and the wardrobe, and with a naked light-bulb hanging from the ceiling. He pushed his bag underneath the bed, and analyzed the black uniform laying on top of his pillow. A little too covering for the summer, wasn’t it? But at least he put it on for a trial before leaving the dorm alone for it’s dust-gathering, only with a sketchpad and a pen in his arms.

He’d aimed for the exit he thought as he wandered along, but fate had other plans for the young man. Every corridor looked the same, and the building seemed to be as tall as the Pokémon Tower while he was making his way through it. He was very unsure if his way was the right one, so after a while he turned around, stopping in his road to see if he should’ve made a turn earlier.

Bad decision.

With a thud he felt someone hitting his shoulder, and while the collision was light it was also shocking, so with every survival-instict waking up in his body, he took two steps back and put one hand on Dewgong’s pokéball, and the other with the pad in front of him. It only took a glance to realize that it was a harmless threat, though. With a grunt from the end of his nose he stood up straight and was just about to spit out some saliva before he realized he was indoors, and it wasn’t usually appreciated.


“‘Scuse me.” he muttered instead, but didn’t show much of an apologizing attitude.

Well, it was that time again. That favorite hour of the day that never let you down. The universal hour that brought about such joy and fulfillment to people around the world, no matter where you were nor what kind of job you worked. Yes, this was the hour that Steven had long since awaited. The best hour.

Lunch time.

Having shut down all of the equipment within his laboratory space, Steven was already making his way through the science wing and down the hall. With each passing second, he could hear his stomach grumbling and as his feet stepped in place against the cold tile floor, he could feel his pace quickening in a subtle excitement. 

And so, allowing his eager spirit to get the best of him, it was only natural for him to turn the corner just in time to walk into somebody as they stopped dead in their tracks.


And just like that, the two collided, Steven dropping his phone on impact and the pencil normally tucked back behind his ears nor on the floor. ”Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, shaken back to his senses.

Feeding an Infant | Morgan & Steven


Vigilance skidded to a halt at the end up the hall upon realizing that he’d gone too far, hurrying back to his trainer’s side  immediately without a moment’s hesitation.
He didn’t know who this new person with her was. He certainly didn’t smell dangerous, either, so the canine could only assume he was friendly company. Though the look Morgan shot him said it wasn’t a good time to get jumpy, as did the cries from the foreign Pokemon. The Poochyena flattened his ears against his head and sat down in the most dignified manner a puppy like him could manage.

With her Pokemon calmed down, Morgan could actually focus on the situation at hand.
First of all, Steven Stone, one of the former champions of the Hoenn league, was standing right in front of her.
Though right now really wasn’t the time to be an admiring fan, since the guy appeared to be in quite a predicament at this given moment.
She wasn’t exactly going to turn down an opportunity to be of some kind of assistance, either.

"Well, there is a vendin’ machine in the breakroom down the hall from here,” she replied. “Unless the thing’s busted, last time I checked it might’ve been ? Ain’t sure…” Well if it was, then that was out of the question. “Could risk it though. I mean, it wouldn’t exactly hurt to check, would it ? Just follow me, a’ight ?”

"Thank you," he said, almost immediately after. He had no idea who this person was nor cared for the fact that she had run into him; all that mattered was that she was helping him.

Able to pick up on the surrounding events, the little Archen hatchling calmed down, knowing that food was about to come soon. Graciously, Steven patted him on the head, hoping the little guy could stay quiet until they’d gotten to the vending machine.

And then, the distinct possibility of the vending machine being broken flashed through his head. Let’s not think about that right now, Steven. But what if it really was broken?? What was he to do then?

In an effort to clear his mind, Steven realized that he’d hardly become acquainted with the person who was helping him. “Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Steven, by the way.”

Sweet As Steel | Steven & Jasmine


Jasmine froze a little at the question, but he asked so politely, the stress quickly rubbed off her body. Still, what was she supposed to answer? Not with the whole truth, at least. “Uhm…” she started hesitantly. “It’s a long story. It wasn’t exactly… planned, though. A collapse in Mt. Silver. I happened to be there to train, and afterwards… I wasn’t in much of a condition to continue taking care of the gym. I have to apologize, I can’t really tell a stranger all the details. N-not because I don’t want to, or… it is, but, I don’t think you really want to know. I’m sorry.”

At the mention of exploring though, she seemed to lighten up. “The building is very big, I can see why you’d want to find your way around. I think I know most of the important locations now, like the infirmary, cafeteria —” she nodded towards her books. “— library. So if there’s a place you wish to see, don’t hesitate to ask.”

As he offered to help her with her books, she quickly looked down on them as they rested in her arms, then up at him, then down again, almost as if she didn’t understand the question. Then it seemed to dawn to her. “Y-you’d do that? It’s okay, honestly, but… if you want to help, I’d feel rude to say no.” she replied with a flash of a nervous smile. “It’s a little embarrassing. I’m actually borrowing books with tips of how to take care of smaller pokémon. I’ve only taken care of bigger ones, but now I’ve gotten a few for presents. Super-small, some fluffy, I’m not really used to it at all, but I want to make them feel at home. Most people would say that after taking care of pokémon such as Steelix and Metagross a little Shinx or a Joltik shouldn’t be any trouble, but I constantly find myself struggling.”

As Jasmine had begun to tell the pieces of her story, Steven froze, intent on connecting the few phrases she was offering up. An accident on Mt. Silver… had she been injured to the point that she had to drop her position? It seemed like a likely situation,but she seemed so fine and able now. None of that would explain why she was here now.

Steven knew very well that it wasn’t going to be a simple, clean-cut answer for anyone, but he figured he may as well give it a shot. After all, he was just trying to familiarize himself with more and more people around here. And so, with that in mind, he was perfectly understanding of the situation when she refused to tell, if not more curious than ever before…

"Don’t be sorry," he said confidently. "You’re right - we just met. Hah, where are my manners?" And just like that, he brushed off the entire topic, deciding it best to bring it up later… much later.

Once again, Steven was listening intently to every word that came out of Jasmine’s mouth, this time much more interested in her peculiar predicament. “Really? It’s funny that you should mention that; I’m so used to working with Pokemon as big as Metagross and Aggron that the minute I get an egg to hatch, I find myself struggling to raise the little guy.”

"Just three months ago, my Archeops gave birth to several hatchlings. Most of them were adopted, but I wanted to raise one for myself. Little did I know how difficult it’d be handling the little birdie, hahaha."

Recollection// Sapphire & Steven


It had been a relatively normal day in the science wing, or as normal as it could be with trying to train two feisty Ralts, and dealing with the plethora of entertaining pokemon that inhibited the lab. After two hours of restlessness and general not listening, Sapphire had given up on training Koko and Tama and had gone to working with Kaylee.

The tiny dragon type was small for her breed, even by newly hatched standards. She was terribly adventurous though, wanting to explore everywhere she could, blind or not. It made for a taxing day of keeping an eye on the tiny dark type— she hated pokeballs, it was always a pain to try and get her to go back into hers. Today she had managed to wander into the hall and Sapphire decided to just let her wander around the science wing for a bit, get her some exercise.

She was paying so much attention to the little dragon she failed to notice the man walking towards her, or how familiar he was— the science wing had been relatively vacant recently, no one had really been down here. She had decided to forgo her usual labcoat, had wrapped it around her waist and had her sleeves pulled up, bruises dark against the unusual pallor of her skin.

It’s not like she was expecting to see anyone, right?

Steven was on his way over to the library; in order to continue his experimentation with Mega Stones, he was going to have to break things down to the fundamentals level and really start his research from the ground up.

In search of a book on Evolutionary Stones, Steven was casually making his way down the hall when he walked by what seemed to be a fellow scientist. She was accompanied by a small Pokemon that he couldn’t quite identify off the top of his head. Brushing the matter aside, he hardly thought much of the occasion; however, it wasn’t until he heard the gentle pitter-patter of a Pokemon’s footsteps against the tile that his attention was drawn.

Turning his head around, he spotted the same Deino from before, this time following him. “Why, hello there,” he said, coming down to his haunches. He still couldn’t remember which Pokemon this was but one thing was certain - she sure was playful.

Holding his hand out, Steven chuckled to himself as he watched the little rascal flit around. “She sure is a cutie,” he called out to the scientist, finally noticing her for the first time. He didn’t recognize her on the spot but she had one of those faces that always seemed to remind you of someone.

"What Pokemon is she? I can’t remember for the life of me, and I know I’ve seen her species before.”

Stilted Silence// Damian & Steven


Kess let out a loud warning bark to the opposing pokemon, only calming slightly as Damian lightly rested his hand on top of her head- a gesture that told her to wait for his command. Her barks lowered to soft rumbling growls, and Zion’s pokeball on his belt shook harder with the force of her trying to emerge to help her trainer should things go… downhill.

And with the way Damian’s temper had been recently? It could go downhill much faster then expected.

Damian brought his hands up in a slow clap, the sneer on his face terribly obvious as he spoke. “Congratulations. You’re only slightly stupider then I remember. Yes, I was in Team Magma.” He would fail to mention he had once been an admin for the very organization— albeit a rather unknown one, as the torture and interrogation had been kept mostly under wraps, but an admin none the less.

Nothing Steven needed to know right now.

"I can’t believe I’m the first one you’ve run into, there’s plenty of us around base. When Magma ‘disbanded’, we were forced to find other methods of living." In his case hunting and enjoying his dear pet— and as thoughts of Sapphire entered his mind a wicked smile grew on his face. The chances of Steven having run into her were small, and Damian never missed an opportunity to taunt.

"I can take a wild guess you haven’t seen the real Hoenn celebrity wandering around the base these days then?"

Steven’s brows began to furrow as the distant sound of Damian’s claps echoed through the walls of the training room. And although each clap served to peck at his nerves more and more, he was truly uninterested in this ex-admin’s plan of action. As far as he was concerned, Team Magma had fallen apart. They had disbanded and no longer posed a threat to the Hoenn region; so long as that was the case, Steven saw little reason to allow this one man to get to him… even if he despised the very thought of someone mocking his intellect…

Unfortunately, one couldn’t say the same for Aggron. Out of all the Pokemon in Steven’s party, he was the most temperamental and although he usually knew when to keep a cool head, the steel-type simply couldn’t stand the sound of Kess’ barks. They were like nails to a board and it took a stern glance from Steven to get him to relax like the others.

"Hoenn celebrity?" He said, growing agitated. What was up with all these cryptic games of his? "Look, I don’t know who you’re talking about nor what you want from me. If vengeance is what you’re after, then I can assure you that I’m not the least bit interested in entertaining this grudge you might might be holding."

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Stilted Silence// Damian & Steven


 Damian stayed tense, and Kess let out a snarling growl as Aggron took a defensive stance. Damian felt the sneer on his face deepen as Steven looked confused, and figured that he had already dug a hole, might as well lay in it.

When Steven turned to look at him with caution in his eyes, he felt a chuckle rise in his throat. Kess only moved closer to he trainer, remembering the champion from Meteor Falls with her eyes narrowed. Damian brought his hands up and let the chuckle roll from his lips as he stared down Steven with anger in his eyes. This man had helped bring down Magma, and that put him terribly high on Damian’s shit list.

"You’d think it would be easier for a former champion to remember a member from the organization he helped destroy."

Steven’s expression grew from confusion to disbelief as he slowly began to connect the dots, having a hard time imagining that he’d run into a former Magma grunt here. In Kanto. Working for Team Rocket.

"You’e fromTeam Magma," he finally stated, drawing that conclusion for all his Pokemon. And, as if on cue, the entire party shifted gears from joy to alarm, ready to defend. Bracing themselves, they flanked on either side of Steven as he continued to speak. 

"But what’s a Team Magma grunt doing way out here?" He asked, no longer a trace of humor left on his face. "In Team Rocket?"

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